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Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer SK 1

 /  Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer SK 1

Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer SK 1

(11 customer reviews)

$134.99 $99.99

Compact, Portable Air Force Master Side Kick (SK-1)

  • 950 Watt Motorcycle Dryer
  • Assembled with a 12″ Grounded power cord.
  • Includes neoprene blower nozzle, and air flare.

UPC: 031275142034

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 Blaster Sidekick  SK 1

(Also comes in an industrial-strength SK-1IND)
Water can run, but it can’t hide from the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick™!
Handy is the best way to describe the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick SK 1™!  Dry your motorcycle in minutes with warm (30 degrees F above ambient), dry filtered air generated by this handheld powerhouse!!! 
Getting a professional-quality, dry finish to your car or bike has never been easier than it is with the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick™! 
It will dry your bike in minutes and makes quick work out of blasting water out of those hard to reach areas on your car or truck.  Blaster® Sidekick™ is the perfect way to expel water from your side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, and engine or more, the Sidekick™ dryer does it all!
Compact Portable 950-watt motorcycle dryer.
Assembled with 12″ grounded power cord
  • Neoprene Blower Nozzle
  • Air Flare
Blaster® SideKick™SK-1Construction: Sturdy All Steel
Motor:1.3 Peak HPAmps:8
AmpsWatts:960 Watts
Airflow: CFM/FPM18,000 ft./min.
Cord:12″, 3-Conductor
Dimensions/Weight:4.25″x7.5″x9.75″ / 3 lbs
Accessories: Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Blower and Air Flare Nozzles

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 9 in

11 reviews for Air Force Blaster Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer SK 1

  1. peter

    Great Product

    This “Air force blaster” is fantastic. It weighs probably about 2 pounds. It blows air out at an unbelievable speed…and it is filtered air because there is a filter on the inlet at the bottom of the unit.

    I use this for my bike. It pushes the water out of all the hidden places like behind the glass on the side view mirrors, the details in the grill, around the recessed lug nuts on the wheels.

    It really does a good job. It seems very well built. I like it a lot and I am already thinking about other uses for this unit.

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  3. turbodiesel

    This little fella is the best investment I have made for my automobile addiction! I can now get my car or truck or tractor or whatever completely dry. No longer will I have water running out of the small nooks and crannies leaving streaks and spots on an otherwise spotless vehicle. Perfect for wheels and tires to get all that water out.

    I can’t recommend this unit enough, if you are serious about a clean car, truck, bike or whatever, then you must invest in this unit. I still use my chamois and water blade just out of habit and speed but you can dry your vehicle with only this blower.

  4. Samuel goodman

    Very useful. Really meant for a motorcycle but I use it to dry off. It is quite good. If you do intend to use it for a car it will be much more effective if the paint surface is slick for wax application or a good sealant.

  5. John

    Excellent. This dryer is perfect. It has plenty of warm air and power. Gets all the chrome dry which in impossible with just a towel. It also makes it easy to spot places that I missed when cleaning my bike. Seems to be very well made, should last a very long time.

  6. Turbo

    It really blasts out the air. It has a foam filter on the intake and blows warm air. Not hot, but just right for blow-drying your bike. This is a great deal for me.

  7. Atter King

    I recently buy a new car and seen the damage that local car hand wash outfits do. With countless paint swirls and hologram effects, I decided to purchase all the essentials to treat my new car to future wash and cleans at home. With the goal of as little contact with the paintwork as possible, a blow dryer help me a lot.

  8. Don Karlo

    It will dry a small or mid size car. It has tremendous power for its size. It does not blow extremely hot air but I would say it is warm. I detail cars for a living. This is great for drying your car. Or also before you vacuum or clean the seats, carpets, or floor mats use this sidekick for blowing dirt and debris or dust off the dashboard

  9. R Starc

    Blowing out cracks and crevices are this vac’s speciality. You need an extension cord that you should loop once in the handle of the vac and tie a very loose knot. Then take the extension cord and throw it over your shoulder. No more extension cord problems!

  10. Davidson

    Used for the 1st time today. I love it. Washed and towel dried my car. I used Blaster to blow and dry cracks, emblems, wheels and tires. Then it struck me to blow dry door jams and hard to reach areas and then I used it on the engine to blow away leaves, dirt and water. Finally I used it to blow away dust from interior of vehicle. It Works very well.

  11. Fabazon

    This thing is great! Use to dry my car. I would see water streaks on parts of my car. It helps to remove all the dust particles from my car

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A No it's not cordless. It is about as good as a hair dryer. Leaf blower works much better.
  2. A The shoulder strap just goes through the handle if you choose to use it. There is no hook on the machine. the hook you do get is for going into a wall if you want to hang it by the handle. we use this exact machine daily in our shop. very familiar with it.

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