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Pet Net Barrier to Keep Your Pet Out of The Front Seat

 /  Pet Net Barrier to Keep Your Pet Out of The Front Seat

Pet Net Barrier to Keep Your Pet Out of The Front Seat

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The new 2020 pet net model will contain your animal in the back of the car, but allow the pet to see you in the front seat. Since pets have been able to sneak through the netting on the sides, the new version will contain them in the back of your vehicle. This is the safest way to drive with your pet in the car when they are too large for a car seat, or you want them to have more room to move around. Check out our detailed description below. ‎

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Pet Net Barrier to Keep Your Pet Out of The Front Seat

The new 2020 model is now available with many upgrades.


  • Optional Curved Top – Helps prevent your dog from pushing the Pet Net down with their paws.
  • (1) Fiberglass Rod helps maintain the top curved shape.
  • (2) Ball Bungee straps – helps to secure the net to the front headrests.
  • (4) Hook Bungee starps – secure each corner.
  • (2) suction cup hooks.
  • Easy to Install, no hardware needed!
  • 51 inches wide and 44 inches total height (with the curved top)
  • 44 inches too tall? The curved top will flex (flatten) – or you can remove the rod and drop the curve.

THROW THEM A CURVE: The new “2019 Model-B” pet net barrier (September, 2018) improved on the curved top design. We made the rod longer, more flexible and increased the visibility by lowering the horizontal support band! The main advantage of the curved design (In the raised position) is to help keep determined paws from pushing down on the top of the netting. Our K9 friends are smart! Over time they have learned how to defeat the straight top models…. We decided to “throw them a curve” with this new, curved design – only from Travelin’K9!

  • CURVED TOP – (Optional): You can choose to have the curve raised, or let it hang down, depending on your visibility requirements. In smaller vehicles, the curve reaches all the way to the ceiling. It is very flexible and will bend slightly to conform to the shape of your roof… also helping it to stay in position.
    • If you choose to let the curve hang down, remove the fiberglass rod and place the extra netting between the seat and the netting to keep it secure.
  • OVERHEAD HANDLES: Most vehicles have front seat, overhead handles. These handles are the best way to secure the top corners of your Pet Net Barrier. What if your car doesn’t have overhead handles? With the new Model-B pet net barrier we now include 2 suction cup hooks that attach to your car window. Please use caution if you attach to the window – remove the bungee before you open your door!
    • The “hook” bungee cords can be installed in several different configurations depending on the width of your vehicle. Each configuration changes the length of the bungee cord so that you can adapt it for diiferent size vehicles and get the tension just right!
      • Both “hooks” in the grommet, looped once around the overhead handle.
      • Both “hooks” in the grommet, looped twice around the overhead handle.
      • One “hook” in the grommet, other hook looped around handle and hooked on itself.
  • SIDE (Door Pillar) HANDLES: If you have a mini-van, or SUV, this may be your only option to secure the top corners.
    • The same three “hook” bungee cord configurations mentioned above work with side handles.
    • Additionally … you can also place one hook onto the headrest vertical metal support bar, rather than both in the grommet, if you need more tension.

SEE-THROUGH: mesh is Tough & Durable – stands up to pet nails! The mesh is designed to allow good visibility when using your rear-view mirror. If the solid cross-seam interferes with your rear vision – simply adjust the pet net up or down.

COVERAGE: Completely covers the console area and the space between each front seat.
(main Pet Net area is 51″ wide (44″ tall).
* 44 inches too tall? Adjust the height down by flexing the curve down against your roof … OR you can drop the curve completely after removing the rod.
* 51 inches too wide? Adjust the width using the spare top/bottom grommets!

EASY TO INSTALL: Unlike the metal pet barriers, the Travelin K9 pet net barrier is very easy to install and remove with the 6 included bungee straps. Top corners attach to the handles above each door (or side handles in some SUV’s, Trucks & Mini-Vans), bottom corners attach by wrapping the bungee around the seatbelt housing near the floor (or by wrapping around a portion of the seat frame). Front headrests provide an additional attachment point via the ball bungee cords included.

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in


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